Square One Natural Relief was founded by Matt and Bobbie Stormann in June of 2018.

Our journey with cannabis started four years ago when a family member was diagnosed with cancer.  We became involved with his treatment and were fortunate to meet and learn from talented caregivers.  

In 2017, we moved back home to be closer to family.  The economically challenged region we grew up in didn't offer many opportunities, so we decided to create our own company and future.  As life sometimes happens, the beloved family dog was failing in health so, we made her some CBD biscuits.  We realized what a great product we created and KC's Gourmet CBD Dog Biscuits was born.  

As we sold the biscuits and talked with dog owners, they kept asking us about CBD products for themselves.  One theme we heard time and again was how difficult it was to buy CBD products because of concerns with unknown quality and high cost. Since CBD is a beneficial supplement that everyone should have access to, we decided to manufacture a CBD product line for humans as well. 

Trust is a big factor when purchasing any product.  We purchase our raw material from Farm Bill 2018 compliant farmers, which has been lab tested for pesticides, solvents, and cannabinoid profiles.  Each product we introduce goes through a customer beta cycle, where feedback is gathered and adjustments are made to improve the product.  We batch test our products regularly and post the results on our product pages.

Our mission is to produce quality CBD products made from the finest ingredients for both people and animals and sell it at a reasonable price.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback at support@squareonenaturalrelief.com or 833-422-6550.